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- Certified as a company of renovation by the Small Business Corporation and Jeonbuk province
- Filed an international patent of white LEDs
- Established the institution of optical application development
- Established the material research center
- Established the china sales branch
- Obtained Certificate of QS9001
- Filed an international patent for yellow phosphor
- Filed an side view LED design patent
- Filed a SMD LED design patent
- Filed a patent of white LED
- Filed a Non-YAG phosphor patent
- Established an institution for opto-device
- Designated as the venture corporation by Ki-Up Bank
Dec. 2002 - Started production of Side-view type SMD LEDs
Nov. 2002 - Certified as ¡®The most promising company¡¯ by Industrial Bank
Oct. 2002 - Qualified as ¡®The High-tech part & material company¡¯ by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
Jul. 2002 - Completed extension of production line(18M units per month)
- Started production of 3528 SMD-type LEDs / Developed Side-view type LEDs
Feb. 2002 - Obtained Certificate of ISO 9001(UKAS, BM TRADA)
Feb. 2002 - Filed liquid molding process patent for SMD White LED Certified as ¡®Clean Factory¡¯ by KOSHA
Jan. 2002 - Started production of 1608(0.4T) SMD-type White LEDs
Nov. 2001 - Completed In-Line system set-up
Oct. 2001 - Certified as a Venture Corporation from SMBA of Korea (Small Medium Biz Association)
Sep. 2001 - Completed initial production line in Advanced Science Complex of Cheonju-city
Apr. 2001 - Developed SMD-type LEDs(1608 & 3528 packages)
Jul. 2000 - Established Luxpia Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2000 - Developed Lamp-type Blue, Pure Green & White LEDs