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Welcome to Luxpia website!

As Thomas Edison's light bulb had brought a remarkable revolution to the lives of human beings in the 20th Century, LEDs are leading the second light revolution in various industries and applications in the 21st Century. You already can see a lot of LED-applied products every day, LED traffic signal or a mobile phone in your hand could be a good example.

The market will demand more LED applications and Luxpia is doing its utmost to satisfy various requests from customers. Now LED is not a simple electrical device, we believe that LED itself or various LED applications will change our lives in many ways as light bulbs have done for 100 years. However LED won't take that long.

LEDs are already and always there in your life, however it is just a beginning to us. Please ask more to Luxpia, then we will make your life brighter and more convenient as you ever dreamed.

Thank you.
Samuel Sung, President/CEO
Luxpia Co., Ltd.